Textile Garment ERP Software
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1)User Software Control Access Module

- Provides an easy yet secure method for a user to monitor, control and administer a     system from almost any location in the world Provides an easy yet secure method for   a user to monitor, control and administer a system from almost any location in the   world

- Security maintained by user login

2) Export Order & Merchandising Modules

- An attestation of facts, such as a certificate of origin

- A receipt for goods received.

- A promissory note; that is, a promise to pay

3) Yarn & Knitting Module

- A traditional knitting technique gets a new and easier spin

- Modular knitting is a bit like a game: you create designs in the same way you'd work   a jigsaw puzzle--piece by piece.

4) Fabric Warehouse Module

-Fabric is a material that is made up of thread and yarns

-An accurate and detailed view of inventory across all levels and facilities is a critical  business tool.

5) Fabric Dyeing Module

-Dyeing industry is one of the important areas of textile sector, which is very  complicated and need very careful planning for reducing cost and waste.

-Manufacturing textile processing machinery like fabric polymerizing machines, fabric  dyeing machines, textile dyeing machines, textile bleaching machines, fabric  bleaching machines and textile scouring machines.

6) Fabric Cutting Module

-Combine different shapes or different colours of modules, assemble your fabric, and  decide what finished product you'd like to make.

-Take your finished product and some extra modules home to keep experimenting  and creating more fabrics!

7) Purchase Order Module

-Purchasing is a very important component of material management module. This  module is fully integrated with other module in eresource ERP. 

-The purchase module communicates with other modules to ensure a constant flow of  information.

8) Sale Order Module

-The Sales Order Module is designed to help you improve customer service and  evaluate sales and marketing activities. 

-The Sales Order Module maintains extensive customer information , defines pricing  and tax information, generates sales orders.

9) Stitching & Packing Module

-This covers all the stitching process and packing process in our module section.

-This an important part in the business enviorment

10) Printing,Embroidery & Embellishment Module

-The Ensemble Embellishment Solution combines the sophistication of our Distribution  Solution with features required by value-added producers of screen-printed and  embroidered merchandise and identity wear apparel. 

11) Shipment Module

-The shipment module conducts the shipment process and information of the shipment  of the product.

12) GatePass Module

-The gate pass is an essential document to monitor the Material movement in and out  of an organization.

-Materials play a vital role in the profitability of your business organization. 

13) Attendance Management & Payroll Module

- AMPS is a complete payroll solution perfectly designed for the enviornment.

-Employers will appreciate the speed and accuracy of the calculations and will free-up  accounting people to perform other more productive tasks  

14) Accounts Module

-It records the accounting transications with functional module.

-Accounting software is typically composed of various modules, different sections  dealing with particular areas of accounting .

15) Summary & Audit Module

-This module provides a framework for auditing and an explanation of its nature and  purpose

-The module also includes a discussion of the audit report and an overview of the  umbrella concept of assurance engagements.

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